Speed, Power, Endurance

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9562)

This is a 'back to the basics' workout. I've been reading many articles about Lance Armstrong/Tour de France and cycle training techniques and I adapted this workout from those training ideas.

During the warm-up, I explained to the class that we were going to do something a little different...that we were going to have a pure and simple, but mighty intense workout. Nothing fancy, just hard work. It has 3 workout sections: speed, power, endurance.

Speed is about increasing your cadence--making your legs move fast (but in control) at a low to mid resistance. This is NOT an all at sprint.

Power is about using your legs to press through the resistance at a slow to mid speed to build the power and strength in your legs.

Endurance is about combining speed and power and working at a high intensity for an extended period of time.

Here's the workout (and songs) I used (of course any of your favorite songs with similar bpm will work)

(resistance is listed on a perceived scale from 1-10, 10 being the hardest) (mix in sitting and standing as appropriate...I used: 1 song standing, 1 song sitting, 1 song sitting and standing)

Warmup - 5:30 minutes, 5 resistance (Rush: Subdivisions)

(take just a quick water break between each song)

***Use lots of motivational phrases here: Take control, keep up with the pace, be agressive, feel the speed, put the energy into your feet

(again take quick water breaks between each song)

***Use lots of motivation: Work hard, pedal hard, feel the power in your legs

(this is now supposed to be the toughest part of the workout...combining speed and power)

***Use lots of motivation: encourage them to use the highest gear they can at this pace, challenge yourself, try increasing the resistance just for a short time--you can always lighten up, press through it, it's not supposed to be easy, keep your arms/shoulders/neck relaxed with head up and chest lifted

Cool down/stretch 8 minutes

The class really got a great workout...they are normally a very chatty crowd, but were quiet towards the end...just focusing, working and breathing! Occassionally I would talk about some of the articles I'd read about Lance Armstrong (you know, to distract them)...stories about how he burns up to 10,000 calories when he's racing!!!

Anyways, hope this works well for you and your participants! Good luck and happy cycling!


PS--Thanks to everyone else for all the other great ideas!

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