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This is perfect for new instructors and those of us who just have blah days when we have that "I don't feel like teaching" feeling.



Simply step combo: (I do this for about 10 minutes) Here are some of MY no-brainer combos:


Now I have them hold a move for about 1 minute each then I either add on to that move or change to something else. I am constantly telling them during this portion to add lots of power and intensity because it is one simple move and they can really concentrate on the intensity and not have to worry about where the next move is going. You can stay in front and do each move with them or get them started and move around the room cheering them on. Oh yeah, and if you use my combo, you might want to turn your step from vertical to horizontal. These are my personal faves:


Go back into step combo from beginning. I do this for about 5 minutes. It is amazing how easy this combo is after the circuit portion.

My classes love this because there isn't a lot of choreography and they can use a lot more intensity. Plus, it's great for those days when my brain and feet aren't working together and I am slow to cue or cue wrong etc. We all have those days when are brains refuse to work and this is perfect for those days. And it's even better to use as back up on the days your class for some reason just can't get your choreography and you look around and everyone looks real confused. Then just stop the choreography portion and jump into the interval/circuit portion.

Hope you like this. I have gotten great ideas from this site and thank you all very much! I am always looking for new ideas. Let me know what you think.

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