Calling all Boxaerobic Instructors!

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O.K. all you boxaerobic teachers. Where have you been hiding? I'm in need of some fun, exciting moves and just about all I'm seeing on this site lately is step, step, and more step! Everybody please take a few minutes, and submit your favorite combo. If everyone who teaches boxaerobics submits one pattern, we'll be in business for a while! I'm just as guilty for not pulling my weight, but I'll get us started with one of my favorites!

I don't remember where I got this combo. If it was from this site, I apologize, but it's worth repeating! My class loves this! The moves are slow, but heart rates soar! It's fun building it up. Each time I show them the next move, they get excited.

Start in right stance; The counts look a little off, I know, but the back kick ends on count 5- just enough time to turn back around and start again on count 1.

How to break it down:

This is a fun move because your facing different directions; however, you have to watch your foot placement. Remember, on your right roundhouse, your left foot is already facing the back wall. Just place your right foot beside it (you are now facing the back), then do a back kick towards the front wall with the left foot.

You are now ready to turn around and repeat with the right side again. Then, it's time to break it down on the left side. Once you've repeated each side several times, move to the back of the room and start on the right side. Then alternate sides moving up the room.

Hope you understand this and enjoy it! Let's get those combos flowing in!!! Thanks to all of you who already submit!

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