This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8793)

This is more drill than pattern but it works smoothly so you don't have to stop during class. It is very simple and it all flows together as well as sucks up a lot of time. It gets the heart rate up while giving your class a chance to work on form. I do not stop through the whole class, but make sure to tell everyone to take a water break whenever they feel like it.

I begin class with something easy like shuffles or speedbags. We then move on for upper body then finish with the lower body. I show each of the following moves using targets first. (I use head, chest, stomach for jabs & crosses and head & body shots for hooks & uppercuts. I just use head shots for the elbows & a stomach punch for the back punch)

Facing right wall:

Upper body:

When you are ready, count it down & begin on the left. I do each side for 12, 8, 4, then 2. Finish with forward scissors. Beginning on right lead, shuffle forward 3x & Cross punch then shuffle back 3x with a right knee. I do this eight times then step right into a step right, left front kick, tap back. It's kind of hard to cue so you can just tap forward if you prefer.

LOWER BODY: Stepping right with left leg kicking. All kicks are done for one solid minute. After 30 seconds of just kicking, we do targets (head, chest, gut or whatever you choose) for last 30 seconds. Finish each kick except the crescent with machine gun kicks (repeaters with no tap back)

Jump into scissors then begin on left with shuffles/cross and shuffles/knee.

I usually finish with Jack & Jabs, shuffles, or run around the room. I run the music about 140 beats per minute and I have yet to have someone say they didn't get enough of a workout.

Hope someone can use this. If you have questions, please feel free to email me.


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