Beg, Borrow and Steal

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8794)

I was checking out patterns on this website the other night and came up with what works for me. If you see part of your pattern in here, I give you the credit. Thank you for sharing! (step is horizontal)

Combo 1 - Yes you May Have it!

Combo 2 - Knee Deep

Combo 3- Splitting Headache

* Traveling knee repeaters - It's just repeater knees working around the end of the bench ending up on the opposite side of the bench.

*** Shoot hoop - it's like a knee up, tap down with a hop on the knee lift simulating shooting a basketball

*** 1/4 turn split basic - Step up, right foot, then left as you turn a 1/4 turn to your left, lunge right leg, then left. Step off right, then left as you 1/4 turn to left again, facing the back.

I break these down combo by combo, combine the combinations, then repeat all three combination starting with a left leg lead so we face the other direction on the Charlestons. You also will end up starting your Traveling Split basics with the left leg.

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