This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 8798)

Combo 1:

Before repeating on left lead, I usually have them pyramid squats:
Feet only hip-width, push butt to wall behind, come up and push kick alternating right/left; after eight, have them just squat and push kick right X 8 and then squat and push left. Reduce to squat and kick X 4 each leg, then X 2 each leg, then back to alternating squat/push X 8. Then repeat sidekick pattern left-lead.

Combo #2:

Repeat left lead

Be sure to cue the pivot...I've had more complaints about instructors not knowing how to execute the moves before trying to teach them! I have been in Tae Kwon Do for eight years and understand the importance of pivoting, staying light on the feet, and setting up for the next kick or punch. Don't be too difficult, or pack too many moves into a 32 count careful! Not everyone understands how the body works! Repetition is safe and effective...and it can be fun! We sometimes forget the workout is for the participants and not ourselves...I'm guilty of that too!

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From: Vernon, British Columbia (Canada)
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