This is a Quad Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8802)

Hi everyone,
If you have never done quadruple step before, you've got to try it! Steps are set up like this...

Home         #1        Home           #1 
x            x          x

#3           #2        #3             #2
x            x          x

home         #1        Home           #1 
x            x          x

#3           #2        #3             #2         

The steps are about 3 feet apart in all directions, a little less if your class is not advanced. You probably wouldn't want to do quad step in a beginner class anyways though:)

Everyone shares steps, one person's "home" step is their neighbor's "#1", and vice-versa, my #1 step could be your home step. The steps are set up in a grid. The steps shown above would be enough for 9 people. The X's represent people. No one can be in the back row or right hand column.

Here is one somewhat simple pattern and then a more advanced one.

Starting with a left lead, behind the Home bench and in front of the #3 bench.

**** Turn ham jack instructions...
Step up left, right, down left, so far just like a regular turnstep. Keep right foot on top of bench, do a hamcurl with the left leg on the fourth count, then step down down and do a jack on the floor.

Repeat entire pattern with a right lead starting on the #1 bench.

Next pattern...
Don't forget that you start with a left lead.

That's it, now repeat this pattern from the top with a right lead on bench #1

Good Luck!!
I just went through an AFAA kickboxing certification today. If anyone has any questions about my choreography or if you just want to compare notes and trade information, I would be thrilled to correspond=)

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