Double L Step

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I teach this to my Wednesday 5:00 class and it's a full class Every Week!!I have to turn people away. Members need two steps each. (no sharing) Count how many steps your club has, divide it by 2, thats how many members can take the class.

 F= Front Step   S= Side step
 Be sure corners are touching.

All combos are self-reversing!

Combo #1

On front step: right lead, facing left wall.

Option for basics is: left pendulum exit left, A-step, 2 jacks (16 counts)

Repeat on left lead, facing back wall.

Combo #2

Repeat on left lead facing back wall.

Combo #3

Repeat on left lead facing right wall.

Combo #4

(After you come out of the repeater, go into left basic on side step)

Take it from the top and have a ball.

Start off with your music pitched down a bit, until everybody feels OK with the moves. Let them tap up to get used to the changing of steps, then let them go into the next move. This is a lot of fun. It looks confusing, but it's a blast. Especially if you have a great group of people!! Email me if you have any questions.

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