Water Wings

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8844)

For a warm up, I'll have the class jog and use freestyle arms backand forth 2x. Jog backwards 2x. Jog sideways 2x or sidestep. Alternate knees forward. 2x.

Repeat it all

These are just some moves I use in the water. I have funny names I use for a move you already know like the leg swings. Some Instructors like to keep the arms in the water. I like both. My class loves when I make them work their arms out. I really work them, then we say ahh, when we drop them to a cross country in the water. Your heart rate really jumps taking your arms out of the water.

Some of the moves you can go for 8each way and drop it down to 4. Experiment with traveling with your moves. Front, sides, corners ,back, all corners. I love to make sound effects and get my class to respond. One great way is to have them jump rope, after they are really working it up and have them jump for three and yell Yipppe!!

Have them do it several times. I tease them and say oh that was'nt good enough, I think you can yell louder, release all the stress of the day. It's great, your vlass will love it and you, when you get them involved. Have fun!!

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