Patty's vertical step

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8857)

All combos are 32 counts and self-reversing
Step is vertical - begin on the left side of step with a right lead. See below for clarifications

Combo #1

Repeat on left

Combo #2

Repeat on left

Combo #3

Repeat on left

I'm sure I'm giving more info than is needed...but better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!!! All comments are using the lead leg that first performs the move. Hope it makes sense to you with any questions or comments! Thanks to all who post...I get such great ideas from this site!!

* Left double lunge: after going over the top, cue to turn in to face the step. I always start with a basic left, turn it into a basic lunge (or a split basic I think some call it) then turn it into a double lunge on the left leg. Then add on a direction change to the double lunge and have the leg lunge out to the left. (toward the back of the room, the short end of the step)

** Left up 3 knees on top: left foot up-(1) right knee lift-(2) right foot on step-(3) left knee lift-(4) left foot on step-(5)NOW...turn your body toward the back of the room....right knee lift-(6) exit right foot to the floor, facing the back of the room-(7) left foot to the floor-(8)

*** 1/2 Rocking horse/hop turn: We all know a rocking horse...ham-knee-ham. Well, this move takes the last hamcurl away and replaces it with a hop turn. So the counts are like this: left foot on step-(1) right hamcurl-(2) right foot to floor-(3) left knee lift-(4) NOW...left foot to step for a hop turn (5-8)

**** Up kick with a walk back: right foot on step-(1) left foot kick-(2) left foot exit to floor-(3) right foot exit to floor stepping behind left foot-(4) continue walking backwards with left foot-(5) right foot kicks forward-(6) right foot steps forward moving back towards the step-(7) left foot steps forward moving back towards the step-(8)

***** 3 Pulse squat pop over: I start with a squat up and over and then change the tempo. Left foot on step pulse down-up, down-up, down-(1-5) on count 6 pop up (spring up...propell yourself in a vertical direction, get the picture?!!!) and over the top (6-8)

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From: Lovettsville, Virginia (USA)
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