"Easy" Triceps....not!

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8858)

This conditioning exercise is "easy" because it's a no brainer. I use it as a filler move in between my choreographed cardio segment. Or I use it as a conditioning move when I do a circuit format.

Have your participants float either in a "V" position or an "L" position. They should be suspended and feet not touching the floor (we do this in shallow water).

With their elbows as close to their waist as they can hold them, have them pump like crazy with their arms pushing the water down towards the pool floor, palms open and facing down. Try to have them do elbow extentions only, and have them do this for as long as they can stay afloat. In our class, we drop out one by one! This is great for the triceps, and it's easy to teach, but not so easy to do!

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