Leslie L's 3/10/01

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8853)

Step is horizontal. NSEW directions if in doubt.

I always start with a real easy one so I can evaluate the class members and see what level the participants are at. Hi Instructors from Minnesota who came to my class. I hope this is easier to understand then my messy handwritten notes.

If I have new people who are having trouble with this, I know I am going to have to give LOTS of modifications

Lead leg in capitalized in ()
I alway cue the lead leg, not the leg that kicks or whatever.

Combo 1:

Repeat from basic left/facing back of room

Combo 2

Repeat all from left off on left lead

Combo 3

Repeat from corner curls (left and right)

Combo 4

Repeat from turns left lead

Combo 5

*Does not change lead leg

***Repeat from repeater walk off front left lead

**When you first try this one, you can put corner knees after the walk the plank to give them a break until they get the 3 knee repeater off the front move.

Combo 6

Repeat all from split basic on left

You can put 1,2,3 and 4,5,6 together, but at some point you will be facing the back for awhile. If your class can follow, it's lots of fun. I haven't added alot of explanations on the moves, because I have covered them here before and others have covered them before. If anyone needs further explanations, please email me.

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