Super Shoulder Set

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 8854)

Start out with overhead presses singles
Add-up 2 down 2
Add-up 3 down 1
Add-up 1 down 3

We do the above until we reach fatigue.

At this point the shoulders are shouting! I INSIST that the class uses either 5 pound or 3 pound weights from this point on.

The thumbs are pointing up towards the ceiling with this exercise. NO internal rotation! Starting with hands at side, we lift up 2 counts (you will look like a T) bring the arms in front of the body at 2 counts, back out to the side for 2 counts, then back down for 2 counts. The elbows stay straight. 4 times

Bend at the waist to a 45 degree angle and do 8 side laterals.

Have them stand up straight for the last 8 side laterals.

We go into "Stick Em Ups" to work the rotator cuff.
Each move takes 2 counts-

*The elbows will stay at 90 degress throughout this exercise.

To work the back of the shoulders we bend slightly at the waist. Press the weights back stopping before the weights get to the booty. We do singles. Then we add: Press back, bring the weights together over the back, press out, then release back to booty.

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From: Allen, Texas (USA)
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