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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8868)

The step is vertical. All patterns are self-reversing.


* After they "get" the step knee straddle I demonstrate it with a lift during the step knee and a clap and call it a scoop straddle.

** I start out by teaching a step knee on the step into a step knee on the floor then marching 4x on the floor with the inside leg first. When demonstrating it I say "step knee step knee march" Then we take it across the step by doing the first step knee on the step with the right knee crossing in front of the left leg. Then you do the second step knee on the floor then march back and around the end of the step to the other side.

*** An option here is to do what I call an "up and back" instead of the two knee repeater. You step knee on the step pivoting to the right and lightly tapping the right toe on the floor on the other side of the step then knee again and walk walk to the back corner of the step. I say "step knee tap knee walk walk" when demonstrating. This is an option for advanced students only because you must be able to unload the foot on the step.


* A revolving door is an over the top with a walk walk instead of a tap while turning inside toward the step. Once they get this I teach them to do it on the diagonal which puts them in the perfect position to do the turn and tap on the next combination.


* When I first teach the combination I have them do basics on the end to get them used to turning and facing front after the chasses.

** A higher intensity version is to hop 2x rather than marching


* I start out teaching this like and up up straddle 2x then I add direction by having the first straddle down to move forward to the front end of the step and the second straddlee down towards the back of the step making an X.

** On the alternating squats we clap 2x on top and add an optional two hops with the two claps.

This is my first time to submit to this site. All of the patterns that I use either come from this site or aerobic videos. The first pattern is from Christy Taylor. (Isn't she great?) I would give credit for all of these , but I don't remember where I saw them. Thanks for all of the inspiration and moves I have gotten from this site. If you have any question please email me.

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From: Trussville, Alabama (USA)
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