Killer Cardio Comb

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 8898)

This combo is a killer but tons of fun. It's best to teach the 3 separate combos first then put them all together, doing each of the combo's 4x.

Combo 1

Boxer stance with right shoulder to front, facing left wall: jab right - cross left - hook right - hook left. Uppercut right - uppercut left - kick front right leg. (8) Do 4x

Combo 2

(still with right shoulder to front, facing left wall) Jab right - jab left-hook right - hook left - uppercut right - uppercut left - then turn over left shoulder, so you are then facing the right wall repeat combo 4x you will finish in beginning stance, facing left wall, right shoulder to front.(8)

Combo 3

--(facing left wall, shoulder to front) jab up 3, step on the left foot, roundhouse right, backkick left, hop 2,3 going back,clap, repeat again immediately. do 4x (12)

Put all 3 together, (combo 1, 4x) then (combo 2, 4x) then (combo 3, 4x) do 2 to 3 sets then repeat all using other side.

It's a sure to make them sweat!!If you have any ?'s please let me know!

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From: New York (USA)
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