Killer cardio relay

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First I want to thank everyone who submits to this site, you have tremendously helped myself and my program, I am so grateful every time I get a new idea from you!!!!! Thank you again and here is a small contribution of mine. In my program I call this a "treat", all of my members groan loudly because they know what is's a love-hate thing!!

You will need to divide your class up into small equal teams...if they are not equal, yes, you will have to jump in and go, go, go! I usually have about 4 teams, it really depends on class size. I make this a relay race to spice it up. This is how I ran it last-week.

This relay is set up as if you were going to run suicide runs....

     j           p          st         pu              h
     a           u          qh         up              u
     c           n          ur         ss              r
     k           c          au         h               d
     s           h          ts                         l
                 e           t                         e

It is important to tell them to RUN AND TOUCH THE SIGN AND RUN BACK TO THE LINE AND DO THE EXECISE THERE! The number and exercise may vary and is up to the instructor, I change mine whenever I do this.

We are not done!! To finish them off I end with a suicide run, frog jumps (down and back), suicide run, trucks (walking lunges) down and back and last but not least the crab walk (down and back)...this last part we do together....notice I said WE! I REALLY tell everyone to yell and hype it up for each other...this is a blast and good ole' fashioned hard work!!!! Of what you can do (moderation) I really pay attention to my people and I can tell when enough is enough, but I still push.....a little. Have fun and get back to me, I would like to know how it went over!! Thank you and God Bless.

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From: Missouri (USA)
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