Sunday Pleaser

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 8902)

Combo #1

Repeat Combo #1 starting with LEFT grapevine etc. (64 counts total x 2) (when you're doing the calf raises mentioned above, cue your class that you will be starting on your left lead, from the top)

Combo #2

Repeat Combo #2 with LEFT lead (64 counts total x 2)

Combo #3

Repeat combo #3, starting with LEFT lead heel digs (64 counts total x 2)

*For the more advanced, instead of marching after the grapevine, you can do a "boxing" shuffle, jabbing your arm toward the front.

**Step toe: Cross left foot over right (this is the "step" part), then bring your right toes out to the side, then step right foot over left and bring left toes out to the side for 4x forward.

This is the routine I'm using in my Sunday Hi/Lo class at the moment. My classes have the same regular participants every week so I have taught them these three combos over a few weeks' time. I usually add a different combo every couple of weeks or so (once I know they've got it!), and keep adding on to this so that they are learning something new (to keep them challenged), but also keeping the stuff they already know (to give them a sense of achievement!). It seems to work, as they really enjoy the class. Hope you can use some or all of it. If you need any help in how I break it all down when teaching it, don't hesitate to write.

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