Aloha From Canada

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 8927)

Block 2

Grapevine box front, side, face back of room, side of room (16 count). March for 16 lifting the leg on the 4th count. 32 count

Block 3

Block 3

(work this pattern forward 2x right and then left really fills a class up nicely ***32 count

Block 4

***32 count (tap at the end of V-step to change direction

Block 5

***32 count (hip rock is a jump side to side almost like a heel jack' use side squats with a arm movement to each ear like striking a pose)

Block 6

(turn on curls if you wish) Repeat

Thanks to Carol for forcing me into learning a full blocking pattern. Sometimes in life you just have to do it !!!! Hi to all my friends at Dyna fit. Any questions email me. Yo souts thanks for helping with phrasing!!!!!

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From: Delta (Canada)
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