Interval Skis

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After we've warmed up I like to get the class going with this set of intervals. The basic move is cross country ski using a combination of speed and power during the "work" segments. I like step-tempo music for these intervals (124-128).

First I cue for posture, form and good landing. Once we have this, I emphasize a strong slice from the arms and a "long and strong" ski with the legs. This is the move we come back to in between each set during the "active rest".

Set one: Boxer's shuffle

Starting with the basic ski, water tempo, take the legs to double time ski or short and fast. This move calls for tight abdominals and gluteals and short, controlled front to back leg movements. Once they have the basic leg movements, add the punch.

The punch should emphasize full extensions with power behind each punch. I tell my participants to imagine a heavy bag in front of them and to reach out there to really hit it.

The legs continue with the short, quick shuffle and the arms are punching through the water with power. I like to encourage them to get their arms out to the full extension and involve more core strength. I perform the first 2 sets on the spot (with active rest in between each set) then prepare them for the next set of interval "work".

Set two: Power ski

Starting with the basic ski, water tempo, cue posture and landing then add a tuck jump to the ski. The first set is "arms optional" using them for balance and/or assistance.

I give participants three level options for this move: Level 1, rebounding with the tuck ski; Level 2, down low in neutral with the tuck ski; and Level 3, plyometric with a powerful jump into the tuck ski. This one can be pretty tough, be sure to give them rest and cues for posture and landing before the next set.

In the second set, I demonstrate the move with the arms up (hands together) with hands and elbows at shoulder level. Bringing the arms up really brings their attention to their balance during the tucks. If a participant isn't ready to have their arms up out of the water, I have them hold their arms just in front of them at water level - not using them to assist in the movement.

Once both sets have been demonstrated, I like to add the travel element.

Travel forward 8 basic skis, set, then BOXER'S SHUFFLE for 16 counts. Travel backward 8 basic skis, set, then POWER SKI (arms out) for 16 counts. Repeat the traveling segment at least one more set.

This format works well with jumping jacks too - double time jacks and power jacks (McD's arches).

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