Boot Camp Inch

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This exercise is fabulous! I use it in my Abs class and my Boot Camp style circuit classes as I teach at a military base. The students love it! Most of the participants are fairly conditioned so I consider this best to be used with an intermediate/advanced exerciser.

First, Have your class line up against one wall of the room. Make sure they have enough elbow space and then have them slide down the wall so they are sitting straight with their backs against wall and legs straight out in front of them.

Next, have them place their hands behind their head (like they were being arrested!). What they are to do is wiggle (or inch) their way across the floor. This movement is slow and small. Instruct them not to use their arms or legs. The only part of them that moves is their hips. One at a time. Tell them to concentrate on making "hip circles". They lift right hip and move forward. Lift left hip and move forward. Back stays in place. Arms stay in place. Tell them to relax hip ab/ads and concentrate on their lower abdominals "lifting" each hip up.

Have them inch out about 5-6 feet from the wall (that is all they will need to feel those lower abs burn) and them have them go backwards to start position. You can also have them put a weight plate across their laps and repeat. Guaranteed to have 'em cryin! :)

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