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This is a pattern I taught with the Club owner and 2 other instructors in the class. They enjoyed it and I thought you might too. The step is horizontal with the four side called the back, front, eft side and right side. All are 32 counts and self-reversing.

Combo 1:

Repeat left.

Combo 2:

Repeat left.

Combo 3:

Repeat left.

Now that you have three combos you can mix it up. 1 right, 2 left, 3 right, 1 left, 2 right and 3 left.

Combo 4:

Repeat left

Combo 5:

Repeat left. Mix it up!

* Rock around the corners is 2 rocks on the left corner with right foot, walk left walk right 2 rocks on the right corner with left foot walk right and left. You can go all the way around the corner with the rocks to add intensity.

** Mambo to the top is rock right foot on step (1), left foot lifts in place (2) right foot comes down as you turn toward the back of the room (3) left foot rocks forward on floor (4) right foot lifts in place (5) left foot steps back while turning back to face step (6) right foot steps up (7) left foot steps up (8) now you're ready to lunge right foot and left.

Please email with any questions! Thanks for everyone's effort and the great site!!

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From: Dallastown, Pennsylvania (USA)
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