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I have gotten lots of email about my first relay game and wanted to add some other options that I have used. If you have not seen the 1st entry this is how it works:

As my class walks in the door I hand out pieces of colored paper. I have a small class so I only use 2 colors because 2 teams works well (you can use more depending on how many people are in your class you may need more than 2 teams) Once they have split into teams I have them number each other. This is the order in which team members will get a card and lead their group. When the game begins #1 from each team runs to the front of the room where I have a stack of notecards. They grab the card on top, then run back to their group and explain what the card says. Their entire team must complete the exercise before #2 gets a new card. Each team has the same exercises but they are shuffled so they are in a different order for each team. Oh yeah, did I mention that if there is an odd number of people that you have to play too? The first team to complete make it through their notecards wins and I usually give a small prize to everyone on that team. You can check out my first relay game for some ideas if you haven't already seen it.

Other options:

Step Class:

Well...You get the picture by now I am sure but if you need more ideas just email me


Got the basic idea? Email me for more ideas

This game can be used for any type of class: boot camp, athletic training, Hi-Lo etc. Just use moves that you normally use in class.

I love hearing from everybody!
Hope this is useful stuff

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