No choreography

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 9232)

I spend a few minutes on each move (until they start complaining about the pain!) I usually do upper body then lower body. My classes love this!

*Do not stop moving make them keep punching the entire time

Alternating jabs with tubing:
Take a spree tube and place the middle of it under the chest, then wrap around and cross it behind the back and bring it arount to the front and put hands in the handles with palms facing forward now make a fist around it and get in a plie position and start jabbing! They will start whining really fast on this one! I try to make them do it for at least 2 minutes!

Shuffle cross left and right:
shuffle 3 counts punch 4

Alternate cross punch with tube:
same as above only come across body not straight out in front

Beat and Block 6 minutes (the funnest part of class)

*Take those pool noodles and cut them in half or in 3 if you are cheap like me. Now have everyone find a partner. Have them decide who will beat first and who will block. The person beating will hold the noodle and actually try to whack the other person. Now the person blocking will try not to get hit. I do 1 minutes of forearm blocks, 1 minute of elbow blocks then 1 minute of elbow blocks from behind. The person beating should let the blocker get into a rythem first then start whacking them. Now switch and the beater will block and the blocker will beat. If they really seem to enjoy this then I spend 2 minutes just beating each other. Both partners get a noodle and just pound away at each other. The only rule I use is no hitting in the head, all hits must be below the neck. Also they can keep score 1 point for every swing that actually hits the other persons body.

Now for legs:


Alternate front kicks 1 minute

1 Minute jump rope

Left fronk kick right back kick 1 minute
switch legs right front left back 1 minute

1 Minute heel digs

L-step with side kick 1 minute
*step-knee-side kick-knee and other side

1 Minute jumprope
1 Minute heel digs
1 Minute jump rope
*wow that is hard cardio!

Knee slams 1 minute

I end with a very easy combo that I got off this website so this is someone elses idea:

Repeat this combo for about 2-3 minutes!

Cool down




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