Shoulder Combo

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This is not an original move, but one I took from a Body Building Mag. It works really well, and thought I would share. The move is called YTI's. Have participants bend over at waist while holding 5 to 8 lb dumbbells in hands. Cue hold stomach in to support lower back, knees soft, neck neutral. Begining with the "Y" have them raise their dummbells up and out in a Y position to the front, for 8 times, then in the "T" position, which is really a lateral raise, while leaning over, for 8X's, then in the "I" position, which is straight ahead, arms next to ears, only going to shoulder height, for 8X's. Rest, this is a really good overall shoulder exercise. You can then do the entire thing again only to the rear. Y towards your behind, palms facing the floor, and out at an angle, then again the same "T" and then the "I" hands right next to body and close to gluteal muscle. Trust me this works, and they will really enjoy it! I have used so many moves on this site, it helps those of us who can not stand to do the same thing over and over and over again!! Thank you! Christie

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