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I'm embarrassed to say I've been teaching 4 years and using this site for 2 and never submitted a combo!!! I have a binder of kickboxing combos, too if any of you are interested in variety!

For this sculpting combo, you will start out with a plie squat using a hand weight for extra work. This type of exercise is called "Functional Exercises." I have attended 2 Reebok workshops on this theory. Please attend if you have the chance. Anyway, squat and lower the hand weight at the same time. As you come up from the squat lift your arm. (hold the weight like you would a hammercurl) The next variation you can use is a side leg lift. So it goes, squat, lift and hold the leg up.

The third variation is: squat, leg lift, drop the bottom arm only down to your side and back up again (8x). (Remember you are holding a hand weight) The next variation is: squat, leg lift, drop your bottom arm and back up, and finally pulse that bottom leg. Then go back to the squat. Your shoulders will be tired but so will that supporting leg from holding your body weight. You will feel it deep in your glutes the next day. I promise. If this is not clear, please email me.


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