Killer Combo

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 9315)

My class is really enthusiastic and loves to do lots of different combos. I do my best to come up with new ones every week...this one worked like a charm in my class last night....


Start facing front alternating uppercuts. Do as many as you like. Then I count them down from 8 and cue them to start alternating front kicks. Keep them going until you see that they are starting to get fatigued. Cue to them that we are now going to put the two together and make it four alternating uppercuts and four front kicks (I usually start with the left on both) Do a couple of sets of that combination. Count them down and cue them to start alternating hook punches. Do a couple of sets, count them down and go to alternating side kicks (I usually do a set of left side kicks alone-then do a set of right-then alternate just to make certain that they have their proper form). Again, cue to do four alternating hooks and then four alternating side kicks. Put those together and do a couple of sets. We then combine the two sets together so that the final combination becomes...

(make sure that all 4 different moves start on the left.)

When you think that they have the combination down, add a little flair and have them walk up on the uppercuts-stay and do front kicks-walk back on the hooks-stay and do the side kicks. They should love it!!!

This is a really GREAT combination so if you have any questions or cannot understand, please email me for more info. Thanks to all who add in-ENJOY

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From: Coral Springs, Florida (USA)
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