Kauai Low Impact - May - Spring is in the air

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9326)

As usual, some of these moves are borrowed and modified from this wonderful site...

Repeat left lead moving the step touches back

On the spot: rock step cha cha cha (rock step is like a mambo but you get lower and use more hip) (cross right lead over to the left and left lead over to the right) this is a fun one to face a partner with

Walk front right lead 4 counts - squat out to the right, walk back left lead 4 count - squat out to the left repeat 2 - 4 x's then hold 4 count squats side to side on the spot, change to tempo side lunges (cue not to force the heel down), back to squats, back to side lunges

Grapevine right and left (in a letter "L" shape so quarter turn after the first grapevine) ham curls (left, right, left, left) Can simply turn back to face front or do a 360* turning towards the right
Do left lead

Hold ham curls on the spot - do doubles, then step behinds (careful not to force heel to the floor) the go back to doubles again change to a double knee repeater than a four knee repeater which segues into the last part

Step right double knee repeater left and walk through to the right front corner, same thing left (step left double knee repeater right then walk through) step right and do single single double knee lift moving back to change leads.

And that's it for this month - big hi's to Jean, Moe and Mele

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