Lethal Leslie #8 - Double Step

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9343)

Benches are vertical. Starting in the middle of the benches. Bench on right is right step, bench on left is left step. If you are facing the back at any time, the right side becomes the left side and the left side becomes the right side. I find this way a lot easier because you would think people know their right from their left.

Combo #1

Double dip - step up left-right (1,2), left toe taps floor (3), left knee up (4), left toe taps floor (5), left foot on step and at same time right leg swings out to side (6), step down right-left and turn to back at same time (7,8)

Combo #2

Combo #3

Kick cha cha kick & straddle - left foot up (1), right kick (2), right foot to floor (3), left foot to floor on left side of left side (&) right foot lifts at same time, right foot in same spot as 3 (4), left foot up on step (5), right foot kicks (6) straddle down right-left (7,8)

Combo #4

Combo #5

Heel heel repeat 2 - right heel taps step (1), left heel taps step right foot on floor (2), right foot on step (3), left knee up (4), left foot taps floor (5), left knee up (6) step down left-right (7,8)

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