Lethal Leslie #9 - Vertical Step

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9344)

Starting on left side of step. Some of this you may recognize. I took some stuff from others on this sight. But I have changed a few things.

Combo #1

Double dutch - I borrowed this from some one. Right foot stomp on step (1), left foot to floor on left side (2), right foot hops to other side of step (3) left knee is up at same time, right foot hops in place (4) left knee is still up, left foot hops to floor on left side of step and right knee is up (5), left foot hops in place (6), hop to right foot on right side and left knee up (7), hop to left foot on left side of step (8)

Combo #2

Fake diagonal - I think I got this from someone but I may have changed it a bit. Right foot up (1) left foot on step in front of right foot (2), right foot to floor and left foot lifts off step (3), left foot back on step (4), right foot behind left foot on step (5), left foot on floor where you started from (6), hop on left foot in a circle 2X's (or in place with both feet or on left foot in place) (7,8)

Cross - this is just the opposite of a weave. Instead of the trail leg going behind the lead leg, it crosses in front of the lead leg. Hence the name cross.

Combo #3

Kick & mambo - right kick, turn in towards step and toward back of room and right mambo and cha cha back towards the step

Combo #4

L-step 3 hops - make sure they are doing all three knees on the left step first of all. Right foot on step (1), left knee up (2), left foot to floor (3), right knee hops out to right (you are now facing the back) (4), right foot on floor (5), left knee up in place (6) walk 7-8, left-right towards back corner and do it again. Have them get this first. Then when they have it change the 7-8 to left-right on top of the step. But to do this they will have to keep all three hops right at the end of the step.

Fly - this is just two alternating knee lifts but you add power and travel the length of the step. Emphasize the power. Just tell them to fly!

Combo #5

Repeat 2 hop over - the first part is easy. Just repeat the knee two (4), 5-6 step down right-left, now just hop over to the other side of the step 7-8

Combo 6

Diagonal walk - go diagonal (1,2), step down right-left walking away from step (3,4), right foot pivot turns back to step (5,6) now walk back towards step right-left (7,8)

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