Double kick combos

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 9358)

Use a variety kicks in various combos to increase flexibility, agility, and strength.

Great for abs, quads and hip flexors

(don't let foot touch floor between 5 & 6) Repeat often, then go to left lead. Be sure that they keep chest high and shoulders back to work those abs!!!

Great for butt and lower back

(don't let foot touch floor between 5 & 6) Repeat often then go to left lead. Encourage them to bend forward on the back kick so as to not strain their backs and to really get that #6 kick high to work the BUTT!!

Great for cardio boost

(repeat often then move to left leg lead)

Mountain Climbers: Begin froms "push up" or "plank" position. Keeping butt down and body as level as possible, bring right foot forward toward hands, while left foot remains back. Tighten abs and switch feet simultaneously bringing left foot forward and right foot back. Repeat side to side for desired number of repititions. Keep neck neutral so as to not strain it. Keep abs tight and butt down.

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From: Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
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