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These are all 32 count self-reversing combinations.

Combo A

Combo B

Combo C

Combo D

These combinations are a little more challenging than what I normally do for my basic class. You may need to change things a little. For example, in combination A I do a split basic which may be too challenging if you have people that have never stepped before. Therefore, I would just do 2 basic steps instead. For combo B, straddles are often very difficult for beginner classes. Tonight when I taught this I actually ended up doing 3 basics on the end, then doing alternating step knees, then doing the knee lift straddle. Combination D can be done so many different ways. Instead of doing the pony, I just did travelling tap up tap downs until they got the hang of it. Then I added the 1,2,3 step (I call it a pony, it's just like a cha cha cha on your step).I also held them on the V-step for awhile to get their heart rates up. I did regular V's, Running V's, "Freeze" V's, etc. Please let me know what you think or if you have any questions!

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