Noodle Work

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 9397)

Here's a whole lot of ideas for things to do with water logs/ noodles. I've give aerobic work to go along with the noodle strength, but you could leave that out in an all strength workout.

Shoulders can be an issue in water strength, make sure to cue them (OFTEN!) to pull the shoulders away from ears and slide the shoulder blades down the back.

Standing, noodle behind back, under arms

Standing, noodle behind back behind buttocks, palms face back

Standing, noodle behind back in an inverted U shape

Sitting on noodle as if in a swing

Stand on noodle

Standing, hold noodle in a U shape across chest, holding ends in the hands

Standing, hold noodle in a U shape chest high with ends by arm pits

Standing, hold noodle straight

For abs and back, stand and hold noodle in front, chest high, hand pretty widely gripped. Tuck knees and force noodle under you, almost like jumping rope, so noodle is now behind your back. Immediately, reverse the action. Speed and force are important factors in this move. They'll get soaked! Best to learn this one in deep water, if possible.

Good luck, email me if you need even more, and thanks to everyone for all their great ideas!

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