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I'm a first-time contributor but long-time lurking reader of My Sunday morning step class has a lot of fun with these. I'd love to hear from anyone with questions, comments! Let me know how they work out for you.

Patterns are 32 counts and self-reversing.
Start right lead with horizontal board.

Combo #1:

Repeat opposite lead.

** Slow V-step: Up right on 1,2. Up left on 3,4. Down-down, up-up at regular tempo on 5,6,7,8. I build this one by doing regular tempo V-steps and tell them that we are going to "slow it down." Then do the up-up at half tempo, down-down at regular tempo and march it out. Repeat this a time or two and then tell them, "Next time through, we're going to go back to the top of the board." March it out on top when you get there and then go into the lunges from the top of the phrase. I usually have them go through a full phrase of single lunges + 3x for the combo (to switch their lead) before exiting. Then, repeat the whole building process on the other lead.

Combo #2:

Repeat opposite lead.

** For variety or a more advanced option, try adding two step touches or hamstring curls (with a small turn between) to move around the end.

Combo #3:

Repeat opposite lead.

** I usually start this out by doing a repeater knee 3x and exit. Tap up 4x and tell them "This time, repeater knee 2x, step way back, step touch." They often get it right away. On the other side of the board, just have them tap up, tap down and then repeat this move a time or two before adding the turnsteps.

Combo #4:

Repeat opposite lead.

** I'll often have them slow squat "all the way" (squat, to the top, squat off other side, tap down) for a phrase or two before having them stop on the top. Slowing down the choreography for a few seconds here gives me a chance to really encourage them to use some muscle and go "low and slow."

Combo #5:

Repeat opposite lead, starting from straddle position.****

** More basic option is step kick 2x.

*** A fun option is to do rocking horse with a knee-kick-knee. If you like, make the kick more like a boxing-style kick, to the side.

****I like to go through each combo on right then left lead and repeat #5 three times (right, left and then right again) so that I end ready to begin repeat the entire sequence "from the top" on the left lead.

I haven't included a lot of cues for arms here. Obviously there's much that can be done to change intensity and complexity with the addition of arm movements. I'm sure you can all add your own touches for that! :)

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