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Hi everyone. I've been using this place for a while, but this is my first pattern being sent out to all of you. I named the pattern after my Bulletin Board name...there's nothing really silly about the combos. But have fun with it!

Step is horizontal.

32 Count Combo:

Repeat. Grapevine left...

64 Count Combo:

* Triangle Shuffle--Hold them in a mambo to the bench while you show them this. I'll use a right lead to explain. The first two sides of the triangle are on the floor (4 counts). Stand to left side of your bench. Start by shuffling forward with the right leg to the front of the room (2 counts). Now shuffle back in towards the step with the left leg (2 counts). You'll be facing the back of the room. Now go across the board (4 counts) to complete the triangle shape. You're still facing the back of the room. Now repeat the triangle pattern towards the back of the room and it will bring you back to facing the front! Easy and fun to do, hard to explain?!

Triple Tap Lunge- You are on top of the board. You are basically keeping the foot that's lunging on the floor with a series of small taps. Tap the floor 3 times, then return it to the top. (4 counts) Then you can switch to the other side.

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