Strong Body Kauai - based on Reebok Final Cuts

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 10400)

Body Bar (12 - 15 pounds) - twist aways - feet are wider than hip distance apart, hips stay forward, turn to the left with the bar held evenly in both hands lift the bar once fully twisted, bring it over your head facing front and then twist to the right and bring it back down - nice and slow, choose your repetitions, good way to prepare the core and obliques for work

Body Bar - plie squat coming up onto toes with upright rows - 2 counts each way

Body Bar - toe raises on the spot - wide stance, feet in V formation and lift your toes to the tempo of the music, body bar end on floor in front for balance - most of us don't work our anterior tibialis (shins) enough...

Body Bar - dock and boat dead lift - wider than hip width stance envision pushing boat and dock away when going down and pulling together when coming up (add a small back bend at the top) do nice and slow - very effective

Body Bar - bent over lat press, bar is vertical, grip with hands at about 80* pull through perform a hip hinge and pull through your arms to come back up

Body Bar - external shoulder rotation - like a one arm row but wider movement with bottom tip of bar on floor if heavy otherwise use whole weight of bar

Exertube - standing lateral flexion - hold tube in both hands over head keep taut pull elbow to same side waist

Exertube - long arm lift back - tube under one foot in front pull long arms back - palms can face back or neutral position with thumbs forward

Exertube - Penguin walk - stand in center of tube, hip width apart cross handles in front in an X, toes and knees out and lift legs - start slow then tempo - kind of like a Charlie Chaplin walk

Bar and band at ankles - bar is for support in front, do a leg abduction, adduction, abduct again then bring legs together - finish one leg then do the other

Bar on step (perpendicular) - do a pike and extend or a plank hold

Choose the appropriate repetitions, number of exercises and sequence for your students - so important to trick our muscles into responding by doing something different!

Aloha to my Turnstep friends from paradise...

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