Upper Body Blast

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10403)

This is a great upper body combination and then it transitions into the lower body--preparing your members for kicks. Start with repeat right jabs on every odd count (1,3,5, etc). After about 16, I add in a quick left punch, so it's jab right, punch left (1,2). Some of you call a punch a cross--same thing--punch incorporates the lower body by rotating the hip forward. After they have been jab-punching about 16 times, turn the 2-counts into a 4-count combination by adding a right hook and bring both fists to chin level on 4, so it's jab, punch, hook, fists in. After that's done about 8 times, add a left uppercut (now, you're moving fast), so it's jab-punch-hook-upper (1,2,3,4). Make sure each move is precise, and the target gets hit in the face with the jab, again in the face with the punch, at the side of the head with the hook and under the chin with the uppercut.

I often use the hand mitts, but for those of you who aren't used to it, it can become difficult, because you have to hold it straight forward for the first two moves and then turn it to the side for the hook and then face it toward the floor for the uppercut.

Then, I bring the arms up on count 5 and knee strike right twice on counts 6 and 8, and immediately go into the right jab again on 1. After repeating this 8-count combination about 8 times (it usually takes a new class at least 3 or 4 times to get it down anyway), then I switch with the left lead.

A way to transition into the kicks is to make the second knee strike a front snap kick. Just make sure they don't alternate--that they knee strike and kick on the same leg, so they can start that jab on the same side each time. It's too difficult a combination to have the class alternate from one side to the next after each 8 counts.

Have fun with it!

Thanks to all who contribute. The Resist-A-Ball suggestions have really helped me out a lot and added a lot of variety for my members.

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