Just Kick It!

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10404)

Starting to run out of creative names for my patterns!!

Okay, this one is a great quad/hamstring toner (amongst other muscle groups). It's pretty simple to understand, just not necessarily simple to do--all right, then all left--8 counts on the right, then 8 counts on the left. And the 8 counts are: knee strike, round kick, front snap kick, jump kick. Since most kickboxers are used to doing a knee strike on one side and then switching to the opposite leg for the kick, they'll need to adjust the body weight for the round kick. Now, to make it even more challenging, you can just keep them on one leg for about 8 reps of the combination (total of 64 counts). It should not be too stressful on the knee or hip flexors, because of the variety of movements being executed. So, take your pick--repeating the 8 counts on the same leg or alternating. I would suggest alternating, since they're already doing three kicks as it is.

And you can also modify it for beginners (or for those who are dead tired by the time they do this combination--I usually put mostly kick combinations at the end of my cardio segment). One modification would be to suggest doing two knee strikes then the front snap kick and then the jump kick. Many people don't prefer to do high impact moves so you could make the jump kick another front snap kick. Since the round kick requires more range of motion, this is the first one I would suggest eliminating.

Good Luck! Let me know if you have any questions.

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