Holiday Fun!

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I decided to have a little fun this Halloween with my sculpting class. Now I think I'll have fun with every holiday! It took a little preparation before class but was well worth it.

I started with envelopes for each participant. Inside each were 6 cut-out ghosts. I had my clients line them up vertically on the floor, about 3 inches apart. We started with our toes pointed forward, basic squat position. Standing at the "end" of our ghost line, we squatted down, tapped the first ghost, and came back up. Step forward, and squat down and tap the 2nd ghost and come up. Repeat this for all 6 ghosts, working your way up the line, and then back down the line again. Be sure your clients do not lean forward to tap the ghosts. They must squat to get there! We went up and down the line 3 times. Then we did it again with our toes pointed out (to the front corners of the room) to target the inner thighs.

After this activity we "played" Pick-A-Pumpkin. As my class entered the studio I had everyone pick a paper jack-o-lantern out of a basket. Each one had a number on it. I had an envelope of corresponding numbers. I told my class that when I called out their number, they got to choose the exercise and/or body part we worked. It was a lot of fun, and we ended up "shocking" our bodies with exercises we hadn't done in a while and with a completely new order to which we did them in. It was good to learn more about my clients as well. It let me know who liked which exercises.

I told my class to expect turkeys in their envelopes for Thanksgiving. Who knows, maybe I'll start making them now!!! Lots of compliments on a fun holiday class!

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