Bits-a choreo for you step-obsessed maniacs (intermediate/advanced)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10406)

G'day turnstep land!!!

An intermediate-advanced workout with choreo-options. Let me know how you go!!! Takes 30 minutes if you stretch it out with lots of half block holding patterns!




Repeat left side

double curl repeater with the touch down on the front of the step instead of the back after the 1st curl.

*gallop, straddle (x2)-
gallop along the step left,right,left (1 and 2)
straddle step (3,4)
repeat facing the same way travelling backwards along the step (5 and 6,7,8)

360 spin clockwise left, right (1,2)

*tic toc-
tapping indecision with only 1 tap instead of 2 taps

*hinge "L"-
Step up on step, as if to do an "L" step right (1)
Step off the side of step left (2)
(you have just done 1/2 an "L" step without the knee lift)
Heel dig on step right (3)
Step up on step right (4)
Exit step left, right (5,6)

spin after hinge "L" is same as after gallop, straddle and should be in same direction and foot placement

*360 stride-
step up left (1)
knee lift with a half turn left (2)
step down right (should be facing left side of the room, leave left foot on step) (3)
stride twice (4,5)
knee lift with half turn left (6)
exit step right,left (should be facing front ready for 3rd block) (7,8)

*double floor tap-
double 'up-tap' repeater, but tap with toe on floor instead of heel on step

Let me know how you go. If learning curves are required, email me. Yay I just bought me my 1st computer!!!!

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From: Sydney (Australia)
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