Kauai - More Seated Cardio Ball

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Thank you Turnstep for adding a category just for stability ball. I love the ball so much I usually have one in my car - truly it's to use with my private clients but you know what I mean...

Here's a few more moves I've used in my seated cardio routines:

Alternate step knee lift from side to side - contract abdominals to assist with the knee lift

Jumping rope: alternate quick heels in front and use jump rope hand movements

Big heel jack and up squat off the ball

Active walk down (I like to use this at the end of the cardio as a transition to abdominal work)- slow walk down until the ball is under the low back then contract abdominals and walk back up to a seated position - I'll have my students repeat this for a while really opening their chest and abs back over the ball once they feel comfortable.

I'll also use 2 different levels of crunches with my students - 1st position would be with the ball under the low back, second position would be further back on the ball (ball under hips - shoulder blades should barely be able to touch if at all) and then perform crunches from there.

I always encourage my students to stop and adjust the level of air in their ball if needed - since we usually inflate them for the seated cardio, it's good to soften them up for the abdominal work.

Hope you're having a ball out there,

Aloha, Petrina

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