Sit down and firm up

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 10420)

I use this in both my aerobics class, as well as my bodyshaping class. Have everyone get a chair and sit down. Then have them either use a weighted medicine ball, or a three pound dumbbell, placed betweent their ankles. (The medicine ball is a bit easier to control.)

Have them sit straight in the chair, with hands rested behind them. Make sure to cue: bellies tight, do NOT use the hands to pull. Simply use them for stability. Next, holding the ball between the ankles, pull the thighs straight up to the ceiling for 10 counts.

Then, still holding the ball, pull the knees towards the chest. This time the legs will have to bow a bit. Do this for 10 counts. Then, with that ball in place between the ankles, hold the legs out straight for 10 counts.

Finally, tell them to push the ball out and in for 10 counts.

This is a GREAT exercise for the abs, the quads, the calfs AND the inner thighs.

Email with any questions.
Hope you can use this.
Anyone have HIP exercises????

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From: Oran, Missouri, (USA)
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