Line up and have fun!!

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 10427)

Here a double step pattern that is really fun. When you have an advanced class, let your students put the benches in one line (or two if it's busy). Don't forget to place an extra bench at the end of the line! Bench is vertical. I will call your own bench home and the bench of the neighbour away. Start at the left side of home (right leg leads)

* right foot on home (1), left foot on home behind right foot (2), right foot on the floor between benches (3), hop right with left knie lift cross right leg(4), left foot on away (5), leg curl right cross the away-bench (6), right foot on the floor at the right side of away (7), left foot on the floor at the right side of away (8)

** (you are standing between the benches) left foot in front of you (1), turn to the away-bench (2), jump feet together (3), jump on the spot (4)

*** Right on the bench (1), knee lift left (2), left on the floor (3), switch feet on the bench (4), switch feet on the bench again (5), knee lift left (6), down down (7 8)

**** (oke, this is a move I stole from one of you out there, but it is a great great move !!! thanx!) two peater right (1-4), straddle down (5 6), knee lift left (7 8), straddle down (9 10) two peater right (11-14), exit (15 16)

I know that it looks fairly complicated but it really isn't just take two benches and try it step by step, you'll know what I mean!!

Have fun!

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