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1st Combo

2nd Combo

* It looks like you are going to turn and changed your mind then decided to go. Right lead. Mombo on the bench, both feet on (1-2), go back, right foot stays on the bench, left foot on the floor (3-4) then turn (5-8).

**Right lead. Double knee repeater (1-4), left foot on floor (5), kick right foot to the side (6), right foot on floor (7), kick left foot to the side (8).

***V-step on floor (1-2), both feet on the bench (3-4), on the floor turning (5-6), jack (7-8). When you get it then take it over the bench, straddle the bench first, then on top, turn all the way around and jack. You will end the same way you started, 180 degree turn. If you have people that just can't get it, I tell them to do 1 knee and two jacks.

3rd Combo

**** I start with just a three knee repeater, then I tell them to do one knee (1-2), three taps on floor (3-5), and knee again and exit (6-8). Once they get that, then reverse pivot (1-2), three taps around the corner moving backward (3-5), and knee again and exit (6-8), you will end up the same way you started. I tell them to let their booty's guide them!

***** Right lead. Reverse basic (1-2), lunge right foot (3-4), lunge left foot, left foot knee (5-6) exit left foot first (7-8). This way you can start left lead from the top with the first combo.

I have had a lot of fun with these combo, cause you can make it as hard as you want. If you have any questions or comments please let me know. If you see your moves or part of your combo, thank you!!!!!!

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