Legs...The Same But Different??

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10448)

Ok, here's something you may want to try if you're a little bored with leg work. I started my class last night with some standing legs and ended it with some floor work. Try it and tell me what you think:

Take everyone down to "table top" (on all fours). For your beginners or bad backs you can have them place their elbows on the bench, or lay right on top with their chest to hips flat on the bench.

Grab a band and place your right foot through one handle so that the "grip" piece is on the bottom of your foot. Then hold the rest of the band in the right hand. Your right hand will now control the resistance during the exercise.

Now, extend the right leg behind you so that it is parallel with the floor and your body. (This is where you should get comfortable with the resistance. It'll feel awkward at first.)

Begin hamstring curls, not lowering the leg to the floor, but SLOWLY bringing the heel in to the glutes and back out again just short of full extension. Then, point the toe and begin leg lifts, not lowering the leg all the way to the floor, but up (without arching the back) and then back to neutral. Finally, leave leg straight with the toe pointed. Bring the leg across the body (just past the left ankle) and back to the right (just a little further out than the hip.) KEEP THE HIPS SQUARE.

Here's what I did for sets and reps:

Switch to the left leg

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