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Hi Everyone,
I have included here a class that I have been teaching for the past 5 weeks. New class at a new center and in the past 5 weeks has increased from 15 participants to over 50! Many participants have said that this is a killer workout, although the combinations are fairly simple to remember. I have also managed to gain a number of male participants which has been a real achievement at my center. So here goes....

Combo 1

*I teach this by starting off with 4 left jabs, 4 right crosses and then break it down to get 1 on each side and then increase speed to double time

Combo 2

#A check is a leg defense move, used to block kicks *I teach this very slowly. Firstly showing the proper technique for a side kick, including a step, kick, step and tap - speed it up - and then take out the step and tap so it's quick side kicks on the left leg lead

Combo 3

Combo 4

*The class are very grateful for a break from the legs during this elbow combination!

Combo 5

Repeat on right side

After having taught all the combos I tell the class that we are going through for 2 rounds. (2x3 minute rounds with a 30 second break) I also add in cardio fillers just to really kill them!

Any questions or comments, please feel free to email me

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From: Melbourne (Australia)
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