K.F.T Gr Advanced Assymetry Step Cool :))

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Hello Everybody. As my team and I are placing new standards in Choreography here is a cool step musical phrase that you and your students will love to do. Hey guys please start using lots of steps under the platform, increase the BPM of the speed, and decrease of the step height and please don't tell me that you are not doing that so... How many times you went to the deck and pitch the spead up a little bit. Use CLUB House new songs. This is going to refresh your advanced students. I use 140-144 BPM safely with 6 nails in my leg but I am teaching slowlly, keeping the step height low and using steps under the platform and this is a research I am making since 1993 and yes increasing the spead you increase the intensity!! Please put a computer counting song at 140 bpm and start doing my combination How do you feel? If this is fast for you decrease the speed and try it again. Finaly never say bad things for those who are using faster speads cause NOW there is a almost 10 years research in GREECE. Never Never one advanced student and client injured under the safe and faster BPM guidelines above!!

So here is the combination 32 counts

And please friends help me with my spelling, my sasse is the french step chasse ok thank you Linda!!

Love you always hope Greece is going to keep you up to date with the choreography as a dj for me succes of a class means 3 elements

Let's make choreography leave again!!
Peace Love and Happiness to all of you!!

Dimitris Kandris

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(Email: kandrisd@otenet.gr)
From: Athens (Greece)
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