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Hi everyone. What a great website. My husband found it for me only yesterday and I have spent quite a few hours already browsing around the site to pick up numerous ideas. I have been teaching aqua for just over a year now and am loving every minute of it. I wanted to share some of my ideas with you, as others have inspired me so much.

I teach both deep and shallow, and cross training works in both. Obviously in the deep, the participants will have a higher level of buoyancy due to the aqua belt, so always suggest to those who are more confident, that they can take them off.

I am lucky to mostly teach in a pool length of 25m so only doing a few lengths will often tire those not used to swimming. Always remember to offer an alternative to those not comfortable swimming. Anyway enough of that, let's give you some ideas:

Length 1:

(with a kickboard)
Lying on your tummy, kickboard held out in front of you, head up, flutter kick. Concentrate on kicking from the hips with relaxed ankles keeping the abdominals held in tight.

Length 2:

(with a kickboard)
Bring your fingers over the edge of the kickboard, elbows to the back but arms bent to a 90 degree angle, pushing the kickboard under water, continue to flutter kick as before.

Length 3:

(with a kickboard)
Turn the kickboard upwards (so it resembles a tombstone) placing it directly under the water, continue to flutter kick as before, but this time the resistance will be far greater and their legs will need to work much harder.

Length 4:

(with a kickboard)
Turn over onto your back, but try to stay in a seated position, bringing the kickboard behind your back, hands holding the side of the kickboard, continue to flutter kick to surface but try to get your participants to stay in a vertical, upright position, working the abs, without laying the back in the water. Imagine them trying to kick whilst sitting in a chair.

Length 5:

(without a kickboard)
On front once more, begin at easiest level - simply doggy paddle, emphasis on long arms, pulling arms back to belly button, abs contracted, flutter kicking (offer backstroke if cannot do flutter kick).

Length 6:

(without a kickboard)
Continue doggy paddle but now make a fist of your hands and continue flutter kicking, long arm reach and bring fist back to belly button.

Length 7:

Begin a slow to faster 25m front crawl.

Length 8:

Come back on your back, sitted position as before, arms clear out of the water, flutter kicking legs.

Other lengths could include just arms and no legs, or other way round.

I usually include this routine to raise the heart rate, which inevitably it does, and then continue with a normal class.

I found that my classes love this sort of training, it increases their speed, endurance and general fitness level. I find even my over 50 ladies love this sort of training, but scaled down a little.

I hope this will of some use to some of you. Happy training. T.

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