A Few Ball Moves

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10488)

I hope these are new to some of you. Just when I think I've got a great new idea, I realize that it has already been posted!

Lay on back, head on floor, legs up in V. Hold ball at chest. Take legs out and in. The challenge comes when you toss the ball up and catch it between your ankles. Continue to drop and catch (in hands), then toss and catch (with ankles). I like to add some pulses with the ankles. Remind your class to take the legs out wide, and firmly "catch" the ball. This one always leads to some stray and rolling balls around the room. Keep one going until they start to complain. Doesn't take too long, especially if you add pusles at the ankles or inner thigh.

This is also a good time to add some reverse crunches (while the ball is between the ankles)

Try a push up using the ball under the hands. The ball shakes like crazy, but it is a really fun challenge. Have the class grasp the ball towards the top and sides of the ball, with body low, or on knees. Firmly press into the ball raising body, squeezing abs, watching so the back doesn't arch. I often have my class hold this position high and low. Beginners can try it on their knees.

Standing against the wall with the ball behind the back, lower into a "sitting" position. Combine this with shoulder presses, lateral raises, or your choice. Next (with or without weights on hips), step side to side. The ball will roll with you. Cue, step right, left foot meets. Step left to center, right foot meets. Step left foot to the left, right foot follows. Take back to center, feet hip distance apart, still "chair sitting", knees behind toes, lift alternating heels up. Add some squats and pulses from this position. After all that (as if the chair sit wasn't enough)-- their legs will be shaking, and they'll be screaming!

Thank you all for sharing,

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