Sonia's "Crunch & Pulse" Abs

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 10491)

Note: I don't worry about 32 counts for abdominal work - I find it too limiting! I prefer to just put on some soft background music. This way you can adjust the speed of the movement too.

Supine ab position. Adjust the number of repetions to reflect your classes needs.

Repeat above series in fours or twos or as is. Or add this:

Beginners continue with just pelvic tilts. Intermediate students can lift their knees to 90 degrees and continue the pelvic tilts. For more difficulty the head can be lifted and held steady as the tilts are performed. Harder still? Hold the head lifted and steady with the legs all the way up and ankles crossed. Harder still? Do upper body crunches and tilts together. To execute these properly takes strength and control. The legs should not swing - they are merely there for added resistance. All the work should be coming from the contraction of the abdominal muscles. Remind the students that the tilt itself is a small move.

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From: Texas (USA)
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