Sonia's "Wild World" Upper Torso

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 10500)

This pattern can be done either standing or sitting on the floor. Use weights as required.

Left hand is either resting on hip or on floor. Lift the right arm out to the side at shoulder height. The arm is bent at 90 degrees with the palm forward.

Part A (8X)

Follow with Part B.

Part B (8X)

Lower the right arm turning the palm back. The elbow is soft and the arm is lifted back slightly so that your hand can move behind the back. Bend the elbow moving the hand towards the left shoulder blade. Do as either a 2 or 4 count move tricep move - movement is from elbow to hand only. If you are sitting you may have to bend forward slightly to execute this part.

Repeat A and B alternating right side, left side as needed. I like to finish with both arms criss crossing behind the back in the triceps move.

Again, slow and controlled is the key.

Hope you can use this. Email any questions or comments!

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From: Texas (USA)
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